BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset

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BINNUNE BW01 Wireless Gaming Headset

BINNUNE BW01 wireless gaming headset combines high performance 2.4 GHz lossless wireless for Pro-level gaming audio on PlayStation and PC, with the convenience of simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity for most of your mobile devices.

BINNUNE BW01 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset

BINNUNE BW01 wired gaming headset comes with high power neodymium magnets to provide maximum efficiency and better sound. The microphone is rotatable and noise-canceling, perfectly captures the user’s voice and simultaneously eliminates unwanted background noises.

BINNUNE BW02 Wireless Gaming Headset

BINNUNE BW02 wireless headset supports Bluetooth 5.0+2.4G wireless Dual Mode. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology for on- the -go connectivity, 2.4G wireless ensures a fast connection for seamless audio. Features ultra-low latency 2.4 GHz lossless wireless for long range and lag free audio transmission, it is perfect for all your audio needs.

BINNUNE BW02 Wired Gaming Headset

BINNUNE BW02 wired gaming headset works great with Xbox, PS devices, and PC & Mobile devices with 3.5mm connection. Custom-tuned 50mm drivers provide enhanced bass reproduction and crystal clear lows, mids, and highs, which helps fully immerse you in your gaming.

BINNUNE BW03 Wireless Gaming Headset

BINNUNE BW03 wireless headset can instantly switch between 2.4GHz or bluetooth mode for seamless audio while you use PC, PS console and phone respectively. The unidirectional microphone for clear in game chat, it can eliminate all unnecessary noises, also achieve clear and real-time calls without delay. The built-in 1500mAh capacity battery is sufficient to provide 52 hours of usage.

BINNUNE BH01 Headset

BINNUNE BH01 headset features with retractable headband, rotatable and fine-tuned earpieces, minimizing the pressure on ear and serving up all day companion, it’s perfect for intensive users. BINNUNE office headset can be widely used for MS Teams,Skype, Zoom. It is a good choice for online courses, call centers, online educations, online Conference.


BINNUNE BH02 USB headset is designed to give you more freedom and convenience. Featured with noise canceling microphone which can significantly minimize unwanted background noise for high-quality conversations. Lightweight metal headband and soft ear cushion offer a custom fit, BINNUNE USB headset with mic ensures the comfortable wearing experience to handle phone call, it is ideal for office, remote working, call center, online class, video conference etc.

BINNUNE BG02 Wired Gaming Headset

With high-definition 50mm driver and compact ear cups design, BINNUNE BG02 delivers exceptionally clear sound with full dynamic range and stereo surround sound. Fully adjustable earpieces, soft leather ear cushions, extra-deep ear cups and adjustable sliders allow you to wear the xbox headset in a long gaming session without hurting your head and ears. BINNUNE headset is a good option for heavy gamers.

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